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Preparation is the key element to the success,most painters and decorators will tell you this.

The Aberdeen area doesn’t have the best weather and salt is carried from the sea inland,this reduces the overall life of a paint system due to the corrosive nature of salt.

Where surfaces have been varnished and are to be painted,preparation is crucial.

A good painter and decorator will advise you that the surface must be properly sealed and the sealer allowed adequate time to dry.

Shellac is the ideal sealer for varnished or woodstained surfaces ,although the tin may say overcoatable in 1 hour,it’s not recommended.

Shellac takes a few days to harden,by applying coats to early it actually activates the shellac to a degree and if the surface is subject to scratching etc it will go right through to the varnished surface.

However if the shellac had been dry for days,it will be come a barrier for additional coats.

Lets say you sand a surface which has flaking paint,you’ll come to a point where the edge is sanded smooth between bare wood and paint.

This is the week spot,so you would seal this before applying the normal paint system e.g spot prime ,undercoat and gloss.